Banner with group of hands piled on top of each other in solidarity, with 'Together we can prove' changing to 'Ignorance Is No Excuse' on black with retro light bulbs.

Relax and have a read of our new Invisible Illness magazine.  It's not just about Ehlers-Danlos and Hypermobility Disorders.

We're always looking for people to interview and 
share their stories, and for writers to contribute 
new features. 


Find out more about the #ysuTribe, why we're bringing them all together, and how you can join in and join us. If you say you're part of The Tribe, you're part of The Tribe.

Active Tribe member? Got a hobby, talent, independent business or fundraising page? Email us and we'll help promote what you do online. 
For free. 

You don't have to have any illnesses to help people who do and join the #ysuTribe. 

We don't want personal donations - we need your clicks, shares and Likes. 

About the project, the Behind-The-Screen-Team and the emails you can use to contribute to the project with your ideas, stories, thoughts, photos and videos.



Coming soon - Patient A Exposé...

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