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We figured it was probably best to explain a bit about the Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge seeing as we’re asking you to let yourself be slapped in the chops on film, right? It only seems fair…

If you’ve read any of our HEDS Up! features, are part of the online Invisible Illness Community or have Gastroparesis (GP) you’ll know that August is GP Awareness Month.  If you don’t know what Gastroparesis is, the word literally mean ‘stomach paralysis’, and you can read more about it by clicking here.  You can also learn loads about what life is like with this potentially fatal condition by reading the other pieces written by us and people who have the condition. 

Ultimately though, we hope that stomach paralysis says enough, and you’ll understand that if your stomach doesn’t work, you can starve to death.  

But suffer (a lot) first. 

Chance are, Gastroparesis is one of the worst illnesses you’ve never heard of. And that’s why we want you to get creamy for GP!

Best part? You don’t have to have any illness at all to take part…and maybe take revenge on someone? For charity, you understand…

At the very least, there must be someone you would love to pie in the face – and it is for a very good cause.

How to do The Pie Challenge
A montage of Pie Vids Including Celeb Smashers
The Cause
There is not enough research into Gastroparesis. The current medications don’t work well enough to stop enough people from ending up on one type of feeding tube or another. 

GP patients, like Ehlers-Danlos and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder patients, are subjected to Institutional Abuse such as accusations of drug-seeking behaviour.  

Some are even kept against their will in psychiatric units, where they are misdiagnosed as having an Eating Disorder and treated accordingly, while their actual physical symptoms and diagnoses are dismissed and ignored – even when experts call and try to intervene.  

The Rules
- Record someone else or yourself smashing a pie into your face and getting all #CreamyForGP.

- Challenge as many of your friends/colleagues/idols/enemies as you like to do the same thing.

- Post your video on your personal social media and on the official Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge Facebook page.

- If someone you nominated doesn't take the challenge within 24 hours, they have to donate a dollar to GPACT, a  non-profit organisation that helps Gastroparesis patients, and those with other Gastrointestinal and Digestive   
Disorders, and conducts research. 

In an ideal world, of course, you’ll get all creamy, nominate AND donate that dollar. To do that, go to GPACT's website, scroll down the page to the little yellow button above the big green box, click it and follow the PayPal procedure. 

And remember - you don’t have to wait to be nominated. Smash yourself a good one and start a new chain of creamy challenges… 

We can’t wait to see them!

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